How To Achieve A Healthy Diet?

Eat fruit and vegetables; limit the consumption of fats, salt, and sugar; wash hands thoroughly when preparing food and before eating. Here are some tips for healthy eating.

Food provides essential nutrients to be healthy and to develop fully. An excessive or unbalanced diet can cause different problems and disorders, which can be prevented, taking into account the contributions of each type of food and the recommended amounts.

In addition, healthy eating is essential for boys and girls to develop their full potential for growth and learning. Diet must be complete and varied: include all food groups and diversity within each group.

It is important that boys and girls consume daily:

  • At least two fruits and two servings of vegetables (one of them raw).
  • A portion of any type of meat (cow, pork, chicken, fish), removing visible fat.
  • 2 to 3 cups of milk, preferably iron-fortified.


What are they, and what does each food group provide?

  • Cereals (grains, flours, and bread) and legumes. They provide carbohydrates, which are an important source of energy.
  • Milk and its derivatives (cheeses, yogurt) provide calcium.
  • Meats and eggs provide iron and protein. • Fats and oils provide energy, essential fatty acids, and some vitamins.
  • Sugar and sweets give energy but do not provide nutritional substances.

Some Suggestions:

  • Eat a full breakfast that includes dairy, cereal, and fruit.
  • Drink plenty of water (avoid juices and artificial sodas).
  • Limit your consumption of foods that are high in fat, salt, and sugar (such as fries, chips, sticks, deli meats, hamburgers, sausages, and treats).
  • Wash your hands well before and after preparing food, and before eating.
  • Spending more time on games and sports activities helps maintain good health.

The battle to stop the coronavirus pandemic, waged with social distancing and forced isolation, is taking a psychological toll that some specialists warn could spark yet another crisis, one of mental health.

The coronavirus pandemic has not only threatened the physical health of millions but has also wreaked havoc on the emotional and mental well-being of people around the world. Feelings of anxiety, helplessness, and pain are increasing as people face an increasingly uncertain future, and almost everyone has been affected by the loss.

The coronavirus has plunged the world into uncertainty, and the constant news about the pandemic may seem relentless. All of this is affecting people’s mental health, regardless of whether they have a diagnosed mental illness. 

The decline in mental health was most experienced by millennials and Generation Z, more than half of whom said it had worsened “somewhat” or “significantly.”

The authors say the findings are not surprising and that adults are expected to feel anxious that their lives have taken such an abrupt turn for such a short period of time, whether it be regarding orders to stay home, lose their jobs, or fear of getting sick.

More than 40% of all generations said that their mental health had “worsened” during the pandemic. Nearly half of Generation Z and Millennials reported worsening feelings compared to 40% of Generation X, 38% of baby boomers, and 35% of the silent generation. However, Generation X had the highest percentage of respondents, a fifth who said their mental health had “significantly worsened.”

Respondents were then asked how likely they would be to speak to a mental health professional about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their emotions. On a scale of one (probably nothing) to five (extremely likely), 40% said it is highly likely or extremely likely that they will speak to a professional.

Do You Want To Sleep Better? These Tips Will Help You Achieve It

February 28, the first case is confirmed, and from that moment until today, the number only rises and with it, stress, loss of sleep, and tiredness that gradually increases.

However, in these days of confinement, I have also learned a lot about myself and especially how to improve my days in this quarantine. The most important thing is that I found a formula to better fall asleep, and I want to share it with you. I hope it works for you as it has helped me in recent days. Remember that today, it is easier to deal with than worry and that dozens of things are out of our control, think about solving those that are in your control.

Establish a routine

It is complicated because the routine becomes going to the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the workplace, and thus multiple occasions. But what I’m going for is that you know that you start working from 9 to 2, you take the time to eat, and from 3 to 7 you continue with your work. This will help you to be more disciplined in areas such as food, rest, free time, etc. Try it little by little, and check the results periodically.

Meditation has been key

It may sound very hackneyed, and everyone is on that trend, but after “getting sick” 10 times from COVID-19 in less than 35 days, I got fed up with being on that cycle and decided to go back to meditation. Believe me; it has been one of the strongest elements in this routine that I have tried. Staying in control of the mind, understanding that we cannot plan and only live today, and disconnect my mind before sleeping has allowed me to go from sleeping for periods of 1: 30-2h per night to being able to fall asleep 6 hours in a row. We are already winning! No?

Activate your body

I am a person who loves to exercise, put me on whatever it is, and I am happy. And today I must tell you that the exercise routine has been one of the key points to say to my mind: “Calm down please, we are healthy and strong,” and that message is transmitted to the whole body and thus, the release of chemical substances Good, counteracts the bad that comes from stress, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. You do not need to do hours and hours; with 30min a day, you will notice a change.

Take a walk outside.

Don’t get me wrong, what I’m going to do is that after being in a vicious circle of fear, I only went out to the garage to receive parcels. First, because I did not have an ideal mask to go out and second because sadly, I see people who go through life as if this virus was not a real thing. IT’S REAL AND SPREADS FASTER THAN ANY OTHER! In the end, last week, at Ren’s insistence, I went for a walk on an empty street 90m long, there I did hundreds of turns, and beyond boredom, my mind rested, my body was revitalized and that conjugated to finish the day with a lot of mental balance and what do you think, another cycle of 6 hours of sleep.…